Never Underestimate the Power of a Positive Attitude


The results of surrounding yourself with individuals who face each day with a positive outlook on life can be truly remarkable.   Anthony Robbins once said, “The quality of your life is largely determined by those you spend your time with.  Choose your friends well.”   I was reminded of this yesterday.  I had the pleasure of spending the morning with my colleagues being inspired by Matthew Ferrara, the real estate industry’s go to expert on using the latest technologies to strategically grow your business.

As I looked around the room and listened to the interactions during Matt’s presentation, it occurred to me how fortunate I am to not only do what I love every day, but to also have the privilege of working with people who continually inspire me.   

Let’s face it…the economy has made the last few years extremely challenging for everyone.  However, as I sat I in that room yesterday, it struck me how the “vibe” was very different from what you get tuning into the mainstream media each day.  Here sat people who decided some time ago that  despite the challenges, they would forge ahead and not give up.  And the results of that attitude are paying off.  Our company opened 2 new offices last year and grew our production by over 40%!  Our #1 agent in our Buckhead office and his team sold over $38m in real estate last year.  The #1 agent in our North Atlanta office, realtor extraordinaire and mom of two young children, sold over $15m.  Another friend and colleague, who entered the real estate business just before the crash, came in as #2 in our office in 2011. 

These are just a few examples of individuals who forge ahead every day with a positive attitude, working hard to serve each client with the highest level of expertise and professionalism.  In this new era of short sales, foreclosures, and bad appraisals, every transaction takes hard work and lots and lots of tenacity.  It’s never easy, but in the end always rewarding.  I am so proud to be a part of a  team that embraces that level of commitment. 

The theme of our recent Sotheby’s International Realty conference was “Singing in the Rain”.  I guess when the sun starts shining again, we’ll have the “Moves Like Jagger”!


2 responses to “Never Underestimate the Power of a Positive Attitude


    Loved it & couldn’t agree w/ you more. It’s so nice to go to work every day with the thought that I’m going to succeed because of who I am and who I work for and with!

    Here’s to much success in 2013!

  2. So well said Rhonda. Its one part determination and three parts attitude! Being surrounded by “cup half full” professionals with a never ending dose of perserverance, inspires me to reach higher.

    I’m bullish on 2012!

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